As promised, we continued our yearly slate of annual events for the kids, and this summer is no exception. Let’s take into consideration that June 1st we start off with a bang bang hoorah of an event in the form of our free NFL football camp, which is our fourth year hosting,and now we’re ALSO doing a free basketball camp complete with two WNBA players, and several high profile coaches. With that said, I am thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to expand our brand in two working with such a premier talent however the agenda stays the same, which allows us the opportunity to spread Christ’s love within our vision. As we shine positivity amongst the youth in a fun and entertaining atmosphere, we are keen not to neglect placing focus on the necessary components of the “whole person component” which builds their confidence, awareness of life, career, and school choices as well as understanding how important it is to shape their destinies. All of this began months ago, when we began planning earlier in the year….

.which started off very slowly……slowly, because we struggled to get any momentum or sponsorships, and even struggled for months to register a single child!!!! Thankfully, God was gracious, after 3 months of hard work, our events became attractive enough, that we were able to register almost 200 kids as well as moms between both of these camps! Whew……now I have a collective sigh of relief!!!!! Some of you will grow to enjoy these moments greatly (as you should also anticipate God building your vision, as well) but I will definitely encourage you do not be discouraged but how long it may take the game Steam or to be discouraged by the light of people you seem not to care about what you’re doing. Been consistent, and it will take off in due time

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