Through the years, we have truly been blessed with being able to say that we are truly connected to some wonderful people. Through their support we have been able to stretch our ideas into broader Horizons. Just today I was thinking about some of the local vendors that have sacrificed time, effort, resources, and money, and I think it goes without saying that another day should not past without them getting some recognition. Beginning with Pepsi-Cola, they have gone above and beyond with supplying drinks, banners, and dump bins for almost every major youth activity we have hosted. Not to be outdone, Coca-Cola has also represented in the same fashion with us. Moving forward, our working relationship with Frito Lay has also provided in-kind donations of chips and accessories. When Ernest B had a restaurant in Tupelo, he too would donate food to our events. since it looks like we are stuck in the food department, I have to also mention Hammer’s wings, Subway, and Aunt B’s soul food for the contributions they have also made.

In 2013, I had an opportunity to bring a back-to-school format to the Lee Acres Community of Tupelo. After much frustration from being able to connect my vision with local support, little did I know the irony of God having already prepared people from afar to come in and also work with us on this vision. We had some wonderful people come as far as Missouri, Texas and Louisiana to help us make this effort a reality for the kids. Miss back to school summer Bash started a working relationship me and the City of Tupelo by planting a seed with key personnel. This event open the door for my friendship with a man named lieutenant colonel Drew Robertson of the Army Reserves, a man who has use his networking prowess to put us in front of many different groups of people. Some of these people have included Tupelo Park and Recs, the create Foundation, and Tupelo Lions Club.

Doing the best we could to design packages of inspiration for the Youth, our events have taken on many different life-forms. What started as a back-to-school giveaway event would later morph into student Leadership Summit, youth boot camps, pizza and skating nights, and free NFL Youth and mom’s camps. Our work is undone, but through this work we’ve also became connected with regional sponsors such as The Fresh Market restaurant (who will be catering alot of our youth events), but the Tupelo quality of life committee, and the Sports Marketing section of the Visitor Bureau. I am not intentionally overlooking anybody or anyone, but there are also too many names to list from our GoFundMe campaign, who have donated multiple times 2 events, as well as always being open ears, and a springboard to launch our ideas off of, which is a tremendous blessing within itself. Each of you know who you are and I shout you out loud, but I also have to give a resounding thank you to our pastors Bishop Cummings and Doctor P, and more importantly to my beautiful wife and family that make this engine go! My parents and siblings for logging many miles to be a part of the movement…..and last but not least, our photographer who has captured alot of these moments.

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