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On January 20th, 2018, we will be hosting a youth development day, in conjuction with commissioned officers, and various leaders from multiple military service branches.  An uniquely designed event, intertwining some of what the military is using to shape and build heros, with team building events that will unlock the leaders in each of our youth! This will be a two part event that will hone not only basic excellence in important elements like discipline, structure, and focus, but will also incorporate team and confidence building exercises that will leave a lasting mark on your youth FOREVER! Help us make this event a success!


Many of the problems our small town youth are facing, such as character issues,lack of financial literacy, professional development, and ambition, are the core components that we will bring for kids ages 8 -17.  These camps are free events, ran by professional athletes, who use their knowledge and experience to teach the youth key principles that will jump start them towards impactful success. It's not uncommon to see higher drop out rates in smaller cities due to a lack of resources which open up doors for negative influences.

Growing up in Mississippi, I've seen many tremendous talents pushed through high school with little academic prowess, and a lack of purpose or ethics. My desire as a youth pastor is to continue to build platforms that bring opportunities to areas that may not have prior opportunities of this caliber, in hopes of exposing our communities to agents of change.

Past Events

Good morning to all,
Every year, we work towards bringing different free events to our community, for the youth, that not only educates them, but makes the summer more enjoyable. One of the events that we host, is a free NFL camp, taught by professional football players, geared not just for the YOUTH,but we have some activities for the moms as well! Its football with a twist! As well as other events geared at developing our Youth
This year, we faced a fork in the road, as funding was limited, and I receiving military orders for Air Force Boot Camp, during crucial fund raising months... So, as we mulled our options and prayed about it, we didn't want to disappoint the kids so, we are moving forward with our free camp! In order to make it successful, we need your financial partnership! As I am out preparing to serve our country, stand with us, and help us continue to invest in our community

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