What`s Going on in 2018?!

2018 is expected to be the year that our brand takes off and expands to the four corners of the United States. Idealistically, we always speak things into existence bigger than they appear, but to create a culture of vision creation.

We started off 2018 running. Beginning in January, we started off by hosting a youth boot camp, which actually sounds scarier than what it really is, which was nothing more than a Youth Development Day with a militaristic theme. From there we hop into the months of March and April, which will be highlighted with our smart money teen business courses. Our entrepreneurial 101 business courses for teens are going to expose them to the nuts and bolts for starting their own businesses. From there we will extend into the summer months which will also encapsulate our free NFL Youth and moms football camp and possibly a basketball tournament with a grand prize earning of $1,000 for the winning team. Stay tuned 2018 will be a very blessed and prosperous year and we are speaking it into early existence


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