Football Camp

Recently, members of Mississippi’s 155th National Guard Brigade were deployed to ensure our nation’s safety and protection against foreign enemies. Probably since the time I was little camel in Desert Storm was first enacted (yea Im old), so many troops mobilized. For 9 months, my mother(Army) was sent to Kuwait, experiencing the highs and lows of warfare, while her kids, thousands of miles away, sat in fear, not knowing if our mom would make it home….scary times…scary moments! At 9 years old, scanning the news to see my moms face would be one of the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Whew, thankfully we made it through! She came home, and life slowly returned to normal.Normal for us, but for many of the youth across the state, they are now experiencing the same issues I felt. With this at heart, we are working on formatting this year’s camp for the kids of those whose parents are deployed. If we can offer a sense of reprieve….if just for a day, then we feel like our job is complete

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