Another success!!

As another summer comes to a close, I am pleased to announce that this current crop of summer events have been successful. On July 28th we went in to Columbus Air Force Base, (which is the key component base for training all Pilots in the United States Air Force) and hosted our annual NFL youth and Mom’s camp. With great pride we presented this opportunity to their community Development for the Youth, and immediately went to bat with trying to make this event a possibility. For those who missed it, many of our national guard members from the 155th were deployed prior to this moment, and we new van that we wanted to segue this year’s event into the military Community as a resource of fun, Unity, and reprieve for those who are experiencing deployed parents/spouses.
As we raced towards the time of July 28th, a lot of work was done by all parties to gain base clearance, Market the event, as well as work through last difficulties that popped up that week. For anyone who has ever pour their heart and soul into an event you know how stressful it can be especially the moments leading up to the big shebang. 2 no fail this event had its fair share of last-minute fireworks from two players being unable to make it, volunteers being no shows, too base access having some complications we experienced it all! But I am pleased to say that through it all this first-time event was well supported by our military community. Not only did we have a good time but parents jumped right in to the events., mom’s ran the drills with the kids, and even the youngest of the young we’re begging to have their fair share of fun with the bigger kids. As I stand here reflecting back on the day, it’s always self-fulfilling when your goals come into completion. I am also pleased to know that the kids are already asking about next year’s event! With that being said I’m over and out but I’ve got some things up my sleeves and I’m working on and preparing for both the near future and the present!

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