Who Are We

I wish we could say that we created hot, melted fudge brownies, or that we beat the rest of the world to the internet.....perhaps, its billionaires that we started off as, with a secret lair of gadgets, cars, and batmobiles.....but that's not us, so you will have to read our stories, to see HOW we impacted the world, as Super Heros by Day/ World Changers by night!!


Tesha Cummings - Mitchell

Born and raised in the culturally diverse, mid-sized town of Tupelo,Mississippi, Tesha would hone her educational chops at the University of Mississippi majoring in Broadcast Journalism. In her free time, she enjoys eating chocolate, drinking Starbucks, and passing her communications experiences in a weekly blog, that IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING, you SHOULD~~



Vice President, Janitor, and Door Keeper

Affectionately known as daddy rabbit, Airman First Class,father, and husband Anthony Mitchell Jr, this proud alum of the prestigious West Marion High School, is as diverse as a bowl of gumbo, and more creative that McGyver in trouble. In tandem with his wife, and kids, they form the nucleus of very powerful creative team.



The Rat Pack


Pictured above is Dr. PK, who is one of five unique individuals that round out the youth section of the family.


Without your in kind, and continuous support. many youth will fall by the wayside! Help us to impact our community, one life at a time!!!